Study Japanese in Fukuoka

Learn Japanese in Japan in the exciting city of Fukuoka. The city is the capital of the Fukuoka Prefecture and the second largest city in the island of Kyushu with 1.4 million people. Surrounded by industry, Fukuoka is wealthy and because it is quite close to the Asian mainland (closer to Seoul than it is to Tokyo) it has been an important and desirable port as you will discover while you learn Japanese in Japan.

Fukuoka today was founded in 1889 but it is still quite a young city. The population is the second youngest in Japan and despite being a large city, Fukuoka is one of the more manageable cities in the country with excellent transportation infrastructure and a variety of interesting cultural places to visit.

Learn Japanese in Japan and you will also learn about its history. The history of Fukuoka is much older than the current city would suggest. Because of its proximity to the mainland, it is considered to be one of the oldest settlements in Japan and perhaps even the first place visitors and the Imperial family arrived at in Japan, although scholars debate this a great deal.

Its proximity to the mainland did have repercussions when, in 1268, Kublai Khan began sending envoys to Japan demanding they recognize his authority. The Japanese refused and in 1274 Khan invaded the island but was repulsed with help of storms and poor leadership.

Learning Japanese in Japan you will discover significant words from the area like the typhoon named Kamikaze  which means "Divine Wind". With time Hakata developed around the port and was predominately merchants and commercial operations while Fukuoka had many samurais and influence. Over the 20th century the city was developed enormously becoming the modern city it is today.

Learning Japanese in Japan will allow you to explore the history of Fukuoka. Some relics of Fukuoka's history remain. The partial ruins of Fukuoka Castle, built in the 17th century, still remain and an excellent view of the city is available with the former moats that were converted into Ohori Park which is one of the most beautiful in the city.

There is also the Shofukuji which was built in 1195 by a priest attempting to reintroduce Zen Buddhism to Japan. Consequently, many believe it is the first Zen temple in Japan and has been faithfully repaired after many fires over the centuries.

The Fukuoka tower is also one of the most impressive sights in the area, it's 234 meters tall and features an incredible observation deck. Nearby is the Fukuoka Yahoo Japan Dome which is home to the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, the city's beloved baseball team. The city also offers sumo fights in November, Kabuki and Noh theatre, and the summer festivals of the Dontaku and the Yamakasa which are centuries old and feature historic costumes and large crowds.

Also nearby are a number of lovely beaches where you can spend a few sunny days relaxing. For a taste of Japanese culture that is modern, youthful and vibrant Fukuoka is an excellent choice and these are just some of the great cultural experiences you can have while you study Japanese!