Learn Russian in Russia

Nowhere other than in Moscow are Russia's contrasts more apparent: ancient monasteries and ultra-modern monoliths stand side by side while new Russian millionaires and poverty stricken pensioners walk the same city streets. Moscow's energy lies within its unique neighborhoods and districts, each of which is unique and waiting to be discovered while you study Russian in Russia.

St. Petersburg, once known as Leningrad, was named after Saint Peter. This city of 5 million people is known as the "The Venice of the North" in reference to its many rivers and canals. Study Russian in Russia, in the country's second largest city, home of the Czars and one of Europe's most beautiful cities this is truly Russia's gem.


Live & Learn in the Home of your Own Personal Teacher in Russia:

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About Russia

Study Russian in Russia,  the world’s largest country, but only the ninth most populated. As it covers such a huge space, sharing borders with Poland, Georgia, China and even the USA - across the maritime border in the Bering Strait - the country spans no less than nine different time zones. There’s no shortage of things for visitors to see and do, either. Over twenty UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located in Russia as well as 40 biosphere reserves.  Study Russian in Russia and you can explore the country’s landscape which ranges from large steppe and forested plains to mountain ranges, volcanoes, vast, deep lakes and Europe’s longest river, the historical Volga. With its long coastline, Russia even offers sandy beaches, such as the Shamora beach at Vladivostok.

Study Russian in Russia and you will also discover its long and rich history, and today the country is home to a variety of different cultures. Artisanry is an important aspect of the folk culture and includes crafts such as Khokhloma. A popular souvenir is the matryoshka doll. Folk music, too, remains active. The country has contributed many influential painters, musicians and authors to international art worlds, and Russia’s astounding architecture is a highlight for many tourists such as the amazing Saint Basil s Cathedral in Moscow, which you can really get to know while you study Russian in Russia.