Study Russian in the Home of Your Own Private Teacher in the St. Petersburg and Moscow Regions

Russia is big, really big. It’s the largest country the world and it covers a ninth of the Earth’s surface. The vast majority of the Russian people live in Moscow and St. Petersburg and these are the cities where we offer the exciting Live & Learn Program. Each of these fascinating cities has an impressive historic centre integrated with beautiful, more contemporary districts. Russia has a long, compelling, and tumultuous history, and the Russian people are very proud of their many national achievements. When you study abroad in Russia you’ll experience the perfect combination of old and new!

Moscow is the financial and political powerhouse of Russia, and it has been such for most of the nation’s history. Moscow is considered to be Russia’s major cultural centre because of its many museums and historic monuments. The extensive subway system makes it easy to get around, so you can conveniently experience all that this exciting city has to offer!

St. Petersburg is just one overnight train away from Moscow. Even though it’s about half the size, it’s also an incredibly influential and important city. St. Petersburg is located on the Baltic Sea and it’s an important city for trade as well as the major port used by the Russian Navy. The proximity to the rest of Europe has influenced the city’s character and it’s been a meeting place for European and Slavic cultures throughout history.

Between these two major cities you’ll find historic Sergiev Posad. Whether you study in Moscow, St. Petersburg, or both, we recommend taking a day trip to this small city to visit the Troitse-Sergeeva Monastery. This monastery is considered to be the most beautiful monastery in Russia and it’s one of the Russian Orthodox Church’s most important sanctuaries.

The Live & Learn program offers you a unique and truly immersive way to experience this beautiful country. Your host family will be able to recommend particular places of interest as they get to know you personally through your private, professional Russian lessons. You’ll also learn that much more quickly and effectively in a place where you can consistently apply your language skills as you learn them. If you don’t have a good reason to learn a language then you won’t, but Moscow and St. Petersburg are sure to give you more than enough reasons to learn Russian!

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The Best Reasons to Study Russian in Moscow & St Petersburg:

  • These cities are located in the most historically significant region of Russia, so you’ll be close to all the major tourist attractions.
  • This part of Russia has a phenomenal rail system and plenty of other public transit options, which makes it easy to get around.
  • When you study in Russia’s cultural centre you’ll be learning more than the language.