Learn Russian in St. Petersburg

  • Learn Russian in St Petersburg, a stunning city with many historical sites and destinations to choose from.
  • Our Language School here is the most reputable in all of Russia.
  • It is a city that is proud of its Russian heritage and gradually becoming cosmopolitan, welcoming to tourists all year round!

Learn Russian in St Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia with a population of 4.6 million. Often referred to as the most Western city in Russia (both geographically and culturally), St Petersburg has played an important role in European culture.

The most important attraction for those who decide to learn Russian in St Petersburg is, undeniably, the State Hermitage Museum. Stretching over six historic buildings including the incredible Winter Palace, the museum holds over 3 million paintings which makes it the largest collection in the world and one of the world’s foremost art galleries. Home to many priceless works by the likes of Rebrandt, Da Vinci, Michealangelo, Ruebens and many more!

St Petersburg is also a cultured city with many events. The Mariinsky is the best known of the many theatres in the city showcasing Opera or famous Russian ballet. A number of festivals are celebrated in St Petersburg as well. Victory Day (on May 9th commemorating the victory of Nazi Germany) includes a parade in front of the Hermitage and visits to various war monuments. June has the White Nights where the nights are so brief that the streets are busy all the time with performances and parties. New Years is celebrated with huge crowds celebrating all over the city. Learn Russian in St Petersburg and get to know this amazing city with great things to do all year round!