Accommodation Options

Host Family

Living with a host family is probably the best and most effective way to become fully immersed into the language and culture of your chosen country. Russia is a country with a basic infrastructure and power or hot water failures are not uncommon; however, famous Russian hospitality will play its part in overcoming most of these problems. Our host families usually live not more than 40 minutes away by public transport. Students have access to all living areas in the house and in most cases, will be expected to share the bathroom.

Room Options:

  • Single Room (SR)
  • Breakfast only (BB)
  • Breakfast and Dinner (HB)

Self-Catering Apartments

Our apartments are normally located within the same distance as the host families and are shared with other international students studying at the school. Our apartments are co-ed; however, rooms are shared with the same gender. Apartments are not air conditioned and will be cleaned once every two weeks and after the departure of each student. All apartments have a well equipped kitchen, shared bathroom facilities and living areas. The apartments vary in size and number of bedrooms, depending on the location in the city but expect to share with 2 – 4 other students.

Room Options:

  • Single Room (SR)
  • Apartments are Self-Catering


Get general information about our accommodation options and find out more about staying with a Host family or living in a Shared Apartment.