Study Spanish in Quito

  • Quito is a city of immense history to discover and sites to explore.
  • The climate is one of the most pleasant in the country of Ecuador.
  • The local dialects of Spanish are clear and easy to learn due to how the locals speak it.

Study Spanish in Ecuador and enjoy a Spanish language course at our language school in the city of Quito.

San Francisco de Quito, though commonly referred to as simply Quito, is the capital and second largest city in Ecuador with 1.5 million residents. Lying in the Guayllabamba river basin, Quito is surrounded by volcanoes - a beautiful scenery to study Spanish in Ecuador. The city is also unique for being one of the highest capitals in the world at 2,800 metres as well as the closest capital to the Equator in all of South America. Because of its high elevation, the weather in Quito is consistently cool and spring-like year round. Locals will say that Quito has "all four seasons in one day", so dress accordingly, but they will say it in Quito s slow and clear dialect. This makes the locals here easy to understand and communicate with and makes Quito one of the best places to learn Spanish in South America!

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