Testimonials - French in Quebec

It was like taking a trip to the moon: everything from my other life was neatly tucked away while I immersed myself in a new language and daily rhythm of another culture.  The accommodations were always clean, warm, welcoming and, of course, we only spoke French.  My host family has had literally hundreds of students, so stories were unending, hilarious and often touching. No question was ever left unanswered, and no request was ever unduly denied.”
(Jessica, age 23)


"It really is amazing how vast a language can be, and how much of it your brain can absorb in two weeks. I left Quebec wishing I could have stayed longer though. What a great place to study French. The host family was super. They were very welcoming and even with the language barrier, communication with them was not a problem. I felt like a relative."
(Andre, age 28)


"I loved Quebec city! Everyone there was so nice, the city is so beautiful and everyone was very helpful. I definitely recommend this to any student to improve their French! Be prepared to have lots of fun!”

(Stephanie, age 18)


My host mother was amazing! She was really patient with me, and helped me a lot with my French. Another student was staying in the house as well and we became really close. The classes were amazing […] It was a great experience.”

(Sandra, age 19)


 “My experience was amazing! I was welcomed into the school by the entire staff and other students. Being in Quebec City and learning French was a dream come true. [...] I did not stay with a host family, but rather stayed at the University of Laval. I truly enjoyed the experience of being with other students and being exposed to French continually.

Thank you for an amazing adventure. I could not have asked to be in a place that is more beautiful than Quebec City, in a school that was totally professional, kind and compassionate. It became a small family to me; something that I will never forget. I learned French in a very relaxing environment, where I was comfortable making mistakes and laughing with everyone. Merci!”
(Fiona, age 42)