Testimonials - Live & Learn in Netherlands

"I got back yesterday from my week with my host family, joke van engelen and her husband.  I had to write to tell you what a truly wonderful experience it was.  Joke and Harry are 2 of the dearest people I’ve ever met. The lessons were wonderful, as was the entire experience--and living with them I learned much more than just my 5 hours of official lessons.

We worked around it, with an hour or 2 of lessons, then naps, etc. I wanted to thank you again for providing me with such a splendid experience. If you need another person on your list to recommend the program, or this particular teacher, I’d be happy to encourage any one else."
(Karen, age 59)


"It was the best experience in a new language. The family was very welcoming; it was like I was living at home. The teacher with me was excellent and did a fantastic job."
(Chris, age 45)


An amazing experience! I really bonded with my host family in one short week. Even though my Dutch was decent when I went in, I hadn t spoken it in so long that the first day I could only speak German, by the end of the week we were conversing fully in Dutch!”
(Molly, age 20)


I had the most amazing time with my host family. It could not have been a better fit. On top of that, my Dutch improved so much in 5 weeks. I was glad that I had a base knowledge of the language, but the intense, personal lessons and 24/7 conversation was exactly what I needed. It was extremely tiring and stressful at times because I set high expectations for myself and I wanted to do well, but I had the best experience of my life and absolutely adore my teacher and her family. This definitely wasn t the last time I will see them!

The staff was always very helpful and the information given to me was very detailed. Everything was wonderful. The location was beautiful, and I was able to learn the Dutch train system so I could visit my family in other parts of The Netherlands. My host family was so warm and loving and accommodating that I felt at home right away. They always included me in everything and made me feel a true part of their family.”
(Tina, age 19)