Learn Italian in Italy

Study Italian in Calabria, located in southern Italy, on the coast. The rustic, coastal city of Capo Vaticano is popular for its unique location in the Calabria region. Our school is situated on a old estate, surrounded by haciendas, overgrown gardens, fruit trees and beautiful scenery. It is walking distance to the beach. The summers are beautiful and hot while the other seasons are mild - one of the nicest places to study Italian in Italy. 

Study Italian in Florence, Italy - our most popular location! The birthplace of the Renaissance, this city has an incredible history which is illustrated by its fabulous art and architecture. The location is famous for its medieval center, countless festivals, endless artifacts, cultural presentations and superb nightlife which can be experienced as you study Italian in Italy.

Or learn Italian in Taormina, a picturesque and immensely popular sea town, located on island of Sicily and perched on a cliff within sight of Mount Etna. It is overflowing with history and culture and hosts many important treasures including a well preserved Greek theater, a castle and a cathedral.

Language Traveller Program:

Learn Italian as you travel Italy! With our Language Traveller Program, you can study Italian in 3 different cities over 3 months. Experience the regional differences in both culture and language across Italy by learning Italian in Florence, Rome, Taormina, and Capo Vaticano.

Live & Learn in the Home of your Own Personal Teacher in Italy:

We offer this unique way to learn a language, studying and living in the home of your own personal teacher. We offer a choice of 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 hours of personal teaching per week plus 3 meals daily. Programs are suitable for any age of student and all levels of language skills - basically everybody who is interested to study Italian in Italy.

Italian Language Program for Teens:

We offer a choice of language and activity programs for teenagers, in residential language summer camps or private language schools with other international students for ages 13 - 17.

About Italy

Study Italian in Italy! Situated in the south of Central Europe, the Italian Republic shares borders with Austria, France, Switzerland and Slovenia. In addition to the italian peninsula, the country also consists of several Mediterranean islands, including Sardinia and Sicily.

For a significant part of Italy’s rich history, its capital city or Rome was the center of politics within the for much of the European continent. Later, following the decline of the Roman Empire, Italy has had a varied and rich past all of which you can learn about as you study Italian in Italy.

The country’s contribution to the world’s culture heritage, particularly in the areas of architecture, art, music and literature, is immeasurable. From the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the beautiful skyline of Florence, to the ruins of the former Roman Empire, many of the world’s most artists came from this beautiful country.

Of course, there’s also the food and drinks, which seem to be favored around the world; from the finest Chianti wine and the most flavorsome espresso to a deliciously seasoned tomato sauce on a Neapolitan pizza - Italy is a culinary paradise and the best place to study Italian language and culture!