Testimonials - Italian in Sicily

I found the responsiveness of the staff of Languages Abroad to my many questions prior to booking the course to be helpful and excellent. The literature and information provided is very comprehensive.

The course was excellent. The staff are well prepared to deal with a diverse group of language learners from many countries. They use a variety of teaching methods which makes learning very pleasant and even fun. The classes are kept small so that the learners can easily participate. I would highly recommend the school. I am inspired to continue with learning the Italian language back here in Toronto.

The home of the host was comfortable and only a few minutes away from the school. The owner, an older woman was very friendly and helpful. The fact that she doesn t speak English was a plus. I had to use the Italian I was learning. I enjoyed staying in a private home and would recommend this to others."
(Eleanor, age  72)


Once again, I had a wonderful experience studying Italian abroad. The teachers were great, the city was beautiful, and my fellow students were a blast to spend time with. The location was great, and my landlady was wonderful.  Overall, however, I had a positive experience with the school, and would definitely return. I ve taken two trips to Italy with Languages Abroad, and both were wonderful experiences that I will never forget. Not only were my teachers great, but years later I am still in contact with students around the world, who I shared only a couple of weeks with. It s a great way to explore beautiful cities, meet new people, have a wonderful vacation and learn a beautiful language.
(Gabriel, age 29)


"I had an amazing time in Taormina! It was something that everyone should experience! The places I went and people I met definitely have made an impact on my life and I will return to Italy in the future! The schools I went to improved my speaking Italian, but I also became fluent by talking to the people and living life like a local Italian! I truly believe it was my destiny to go and travel in Italy. I felt at home in Italy and would recommend that everyone go and experience a different lifestyle! Languages Abroad was amazing! The staff was so helpful!!
Thanks to everyone who helped! The trip and everything about it went smoothly!

I would not trade the host family experience for anything! The family was all so amazing! I learned so much more from them and them! It was great to sit down and have a great meal with them every night! The school in Taormina was amazing. The teachers were helpful and I learned a lot.

To get a feel for the country’s lifestyle, I would suggest going to at least two places!! Traveling is an amazing way to see the differences between the southern culture as opposed to the northern."
(Elizabeth, age 20)