Testimonials - Portuguese in Salvador

"The program catered to the needs of a variety of students. The learning atmosphere was excellent; friendly teachers who were stimulating and dedicated. There were lots of people from diverse backgrounds and the curriculum promoted and supported getting to know your colleagues as well as the local environment and culture. The excursions, dance classes and interaction programs all helped with learning the language."
(Gillian, age 41)


"The school in Salvador, was a high quality school staffed with very nice, highly professional teachers. They were able to address many levels of proficiency within the program. The home stay was very comfortable and welcoming- only 10-15 minute walk from school. I really felt like part of the family. The whole experience as positive (e eu posso falar em portugues)"
(Charlie, age 50)


One of the best language programs I have participated in. The school is very well organized and the classes right on target. The teaching material is superb and makes learning easy and fun. The staff at the Languages Abroad was very attentive. It made booking the trip easy and secure. Staying with the host family is one of the best ways to understand the culture of the country. Languages Abroad has selected the best school for the location!”
(David, age 39)


My home stay family was very well located, and the home was very comfortable. [...] Staying with the family was a great way to become more familiar with the language. The food they made for me was great- and I had my own space and privacy when I needed that. Taking classes at the language school was a wonderful way to meet other people of all ages and nationalities. The school had a peaceful and fun atmosphere, and a nice array of students. The staff was helpful and friendly. I advise staying with a host family. Many of the families are used to having students, so they are flexible and helpful. It is a great way to feel more at home and immersed in the culture.”
(Lauren, age 19)